Hermans Glasprojecten – Clear in glass projects


projecten_kleinYou need to be clear about glass projects, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know that at Hermans Glasprojecten, and above all, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of and guide the most beautiful glass projects. Because what are we really talking about here?


Glass is a beautiful building material with unprecedented possibilities for professionals and individuals. From balustrades and bathrooms to installation of insulating glass and creating fully fireproof glass fronts. Unlike others, we do not sell hot air, but transparency. Our problem solving ability is no empty promise; we deliver on that promise every day. How? By providing well-founded advice. By pointing out that glass is a beautiful product, but is much more complicated than people think in terms of possibilities, physical properties, health, safety, environment, and building regulations. We work together with clients who not only want a good price, but also value quality so that they are not faced with problems that only result in more expenses later. With new construction, we always deliver and install from a sustainability and maintenance point of view. In existing situations, we make improvement proposals to structurally solve and exclude problems.


And the best part is: Hermans Glasprojecten works together closely with its sister companies, which means we do more than just advise and install glass. To give an example of that synergy: when replacing glass for housing corporations, we also remove asbestos-containing sealant in collaboration with Hermans Asbest. This way, we ensure better insulation through high-quality glass and solve an environmental problem while we are at it. For challenging situations and construction sites, we call on our colleagues at Hermans Materiaalverhuur, who have the most modern tools for installing glass. And the organisation of Hermans Glasservice, our third sister company, is fully focused on quickly and adequately taking care of glass damage.


Everything under one roof: that, too, is typical for Hermans Glasprojecten – Clear in glass.