Equipment rental

Equipment rental

Hermans Materieelverhuur– Clear in lifting work


mansher_kleinYou need to be clear about lifting materials, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know this at Hermans Materieelverhuur and above all, we have the tools we need to take care of lifting work and glass installation safely for housing corporations, insurers, municipalities, and our private clients. Because what are we really talking about here?


Most accidents in construction occur when working at height. It goes without saying that it is very dangerous to lift and work at height with glass. As such, special standards, rules, and courses have been set up for working safely with platforms and at height. Hermans Materieelverhuur is deployed at locations where expertise in the field of working safely makes the difference. Our employees have been trained and certified for this, and we use approved, modern materials, including a mobile crane.

This crane is specially designed for lifting and installing glass, but can also be used for many other purposes. Think of lifting a dormer or laminate floors, cleaning a gutter full of leaves, moving, or for painting or cleaning work. The cargo box has electricity, so there are many possibilities.


And the best part is: Hermans Materieelverhuur works together closely with its sister companies, which means we can not only install glass safely and according to the rules, but we can think about renovation and new construction projects in collaboration with, for instance, Hermans Glasprojecten. Another example of our synergy: the organisation of Hermans Glasservice is fully focused on quickly and adequately taking care of glass damage. And Hermans Asbest, our third sister company, is certified to safely remove asbestos-containing sealant.


Everything under one roof: that, too, is typical for Hermans Materieelverhuur – Clear in lifting work