Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

Hermans Asbest – Clear in asbestos removal


asbest_kleinYou need to be clear about removing asbestos, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know this at Hermans Asbest and above all, as a certified company, we meet all legal requirements and safety regulations to remove asbestos-containing glazing sealant and putty. Because what are we really talking about here?


For Hermans, asbestos removal resulted from the renovation of glass projects from before 1994. In such projects, there is a great chance that asbestos has been used as a plasticiser in the applied putty and butylene sealant. In response to the high demand from the market, Hermans has founded a company that specialises in asbestos removal that has been in possession of the SC-530 Certificate for total asbestos removal since 2015. Our approach is so targeted and our ability to think with a client so great that we have managed to establish ourselves in the industry in a short period of time. Clients include Volker Wessels Bouw Schiphol and Woningbouwvereniging Hubema.


And the best part is: Hermans Asbest works closely together with its sister companies, which means we can not only remove the asbestos-containing sealant, but also immediately replace the glass in collaboration with Hermans Glasprojecten. This way, Hermans can combine glass renovation and cleaning work and take care of both for clients in one go. Another example of our synergy: for challenging situations and construction sites, we call on our colleagues at Hermans Materiaalverhuur, who have the most modern tools for installing glass. And the organisation of Hermans Glasservice, our third sister company, is fully focused on quickly and adequately taking care of glass damage.


Everything under one roof: that, too, is typical for Hermans Asbest – Clear in asbestos.