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24/7 Clear in glass service

You need to be clear when it comes to service provision, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know this at Hermans Glasservice, and above all, we have all tools necessary to provide housing corporations, insurers, owners’ associations, and other clients of new glass quickly in case of damage. Because what are we really talking about here?
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Clear in glass projects

You need to be clear about glass projects, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know that at Hermans Glasprojecten, and above all, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of and guide the most beautiful glass projects. Because what are we really talking about here?
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Clear in lifting work

You need to be clear about lifting materials, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know this at Hermans Materieelverhuur and above all, we have the tools we need to take care of lifting work and glass installation safely for housing corporations, insurers, municipalities, and our private clients. Because what are we really talking about here?
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Clear in asbestos removal

You need to be clear about removing asbestos, at least if you know what you are talking about. We know this at Hermans Asbest and above all, as a certified company, we meet all legal requirements and safety regulations to remove asbestos-containing glazing sealant and putty. Because what are we really talking about here?
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Hermans groep

Glass – Our clients are happy with us! We provide glass solutions for offices, retail, catering, public institutions, sports and recreation, and housing corporations. Hermans delivers, installs, and maintains everything to do with glass for them. From simple flat glass to glass fronts and walls. From a single object to entire renovation projects.

Asbestos – While working with glass, we often encounter asbestos. Glass and asbestos-containing sealant are inextricably linked. As a result of the experience we have gained in cleaning up asbestos-containing sealant, we have developed into an all-round certified specialist in asbestos removal.

Lifting – As specialists, we often work with a state-of-the-art mobile crane from Mansher. We also make this available for your lifting job. Simply at our regular hourly rate and with driver/operator. And because we can assemble our cranes quickly, the job will be done quickly. This means it is very affordable. In case of emergency, we can come quickly.

Our clients appreciate our craftsmanship and drive for innovation. Based on extensive experience and knowledge, we continuously deliver quality products and solutions that are affordable. By appointment, quickly, and within budget

Hermans Group. Experts you can count on!

Latest news

  • Pandasia

    Hermans is proud to have contributed to the construction of panda residence Pandasia. Because the pandas’ living space must meet specific requirements, the zoo called on experts from China. The roof structure of the traditional Chinese thematisation were built by professionals. Hermans, commissioned by Aalbers|Wico,......

  • Office partition wall

    Hermans Projecten has placed a partition wall made of safety glass at a software company located in a multitenant business centre at the Diemenstraat in Amsterdam. The glass wall creates 2 separate office spaces, which creates more privacy thanks to the acoustic insulation. This has......

  • Glass balustrade

    Hermans Projecten has recently installed a full glass balustrade made of 88.4 layered tempered glass in a renovated house in the Pijp in Amsterdam. As a result, the height difference with the basement level is safely shielded. In addition, Hermans replaced the shower door with......

“It’s only good when it’s good. And that’s that.”

At Hermans, it’s actually quite simple: it is either good or not good. A little bit good tends to be a little bit bad. And at Hermans, we do not believe in sloppy work. So we do everything right in one go. I am convinced that you will only have satisfied customers if every step in your process works properly. From the first moment of contact all the way to completion and after-service.

We do not believe in any middle ground; after all, it can only lead to a non-satisfactory result for the client. So with us, it’s all or nothing. Naturally, we choose all, with products and solutions that fully suit your needs. How? You can find out in this brochure. Dennis Hermans – CEO Hermans Group

The entire business and quality process at Hermans runs smoothly.

Apparently we are doing well!

If you work with us, you want something to be solved. Whether it’s glass repair or glass supply, renovation or asbestos removal, new building or material rental; You trust that it will be fine. Not nearly good or a little good, but quite good. We are therefore completely set up to do everything right.

Because since our start in 2012, we went through a stormy growth to a company with 60 employees. In recent years, we have built up extensive experience in larger and smaller projects, for various clients in different sectors.

We relate this experience to our expertise every day, gained from a basic life-long learning and continuing learning. As a result, our employees are well-trained, curious and solution-oriented at work to achieve the highest quality.

Standards and certification: quality assurance you can count on.

That little bit extra…

To assure you of the best possible quality, we have anchored quality into the organisation. After all, we believe quality is always a conscious choice.


Hermans invests heavily in quality and quality programmes and works in accordance with all common standards and certifications for glass and asbestos removal. With our own quality manual, we far exceed the set minimum or average in our industry. Because we are used to always giving more, so that you receive the quality we feel you are entitled to.

Certifying and describing are not a guarantee for quality in practice. After all, a manual does not install windows, and certificates do not remove asbestos. A procedure does not stop by to renovate a glass front. People do. However, the quality assurance in solid programmes and continuous attention to this at all levels do ensure that everyone is fully aware of the necessity to always choose.

“After vandalism, Hermans acted quickly and adequately and the store could reopen quickly.”


A.J. Rijzel – Amsterdam West

Service is about you.

Our world may be all about glass and asbestos, but yours isn’t. In your world, in your work, glass simply needs to do what it is intended for and asbestos needs to be removed as quickly as possible. And if not, this needs to be solved as quickly as possible. The Hermans Group takes care of this.

No business is successful without satisfied customers. We know that like no other. Therefore, customer satisfaction is essential to us, in the broadest sense of the word. Not just your satisfaction as a client, but also that of your employees, customers, and relationships. We realise one thing very well: as your glass solutions provider, we not only work for you, but often also on your behalf. If you are an insurer or housing corporation, for instance. You can entrust your good name to us.

We provide service on your behalf and ensure that matters are resolved. We make sure that we know our clients and that our clients know Hermans. You will deal with fixed service staff as much as possible, but in the field and at the office. This helps us understand each other better and faster, which benefits the quality. We continuously evaluate that cooperation, just as the customer satisfaction is continuously monitored to, where needed, improve or adapt our methods.

Sustainable solutions for tomorrow and beyond.

In sustainable construction and renovation, it is mostly about taking into account the effects on the environment. This needs to be done both in the design process and during construction, renovation, or demolition of buildings and other structures.

We have been maintaining a continuous programme for the sustainability of our business operations and products for years. Energy-efficient glass production and more energy-efficient glass are two key points. The latest products and systems reach us through the market quickly. Purely as innovation, but also from a sustainability viewpoint. After all, quality goes beyond today.

We are also partially responsible for our future, which is why we work as sustainably as possible. Sustainability is an integral part of our business operations. With everything we do, we look at how we can do it with less environmental impact. Through use of CO2 reduction programmes, economical means of transport, and environmentally friendly materials and products, we ensure that our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

Safety guarantee.

Safety is one of the anchors of quality. Safety for every client who uses our products and solutions, and for our people who work with glass, operate large equipment, or remove asbestos.

It is important that you feel confident that our work and products are fully safe. We guarantee this trust by assuring quality within our business. Not just with VCA certification and safety procedures, or by working with personal protective equipment and continuously training for safety, but mostly through the sum of all this, which is that safety is always in everyone’s mind.


Quality in practice.

A web page full of promising words about yourself is easily written. And although it says a lot about it, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The only proof can ultimately be found in practice. And we provide that proof. For years. Day in, day out, for countless clients. That may be even more telling than all of the above.

Our clients include:

  • Rochdale
  • DeKey
  • Univé
  • Stadgenoot
  • Defentie
  • COA
  • Volker
  • Heijmans
  • FBTO
  • Achmea
  • RAI
  • GVB
  • Glaslijn
  • AAP
  • GAM

Hermans Group. Experts you can count on

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